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What is Nature Play?

Research shows that natural materials are the best for our children, so why don't we see a lot of nature where children play?

There are many health and developmental benefits for children using nature-based play equipment. Take a look!

Creativity and Problem Solving

Unique, natural shaped play pieces are non-prescriptive, so children have no preconceptions about how to use them.

Logs and branches are unusual obstacles and children will love to create alternate ways of using them, helping to developing creativity and problem-solving skills.

Different shapes and textural features in natural timber also stimulate imagination, leading children to come up with endless games and scenarios within their play.

Joint Dexterity and Range of Motion

While regulations on walkways and floors help us stay safe from unexpected falls, there is a downside to only having flat areas to walk on.

Studies show children are now less exposed to changes in surfaces, and joint dexterity is less developed, which can cause issues later in life.

Uneven surfaces and natural bumps strengthen the essential muscles and joints which prevent injury when running on natural ground.

Risk Assessment and Self-Awareness

Children are fantastic learners and the best way to learn is through personal challenge.

Activities like log balance challenges can be conquered by clambering, balancing or climbing, and children learn by doing - assessing their own abilities in a safe environment and making decisions on how best to approach the task.

This type of self-assessment is incredibly useful, and leads to high self-esteem and lifelong learning.

Timber Creations create all products with locally sourced recycled timber.

We use this rescued timber to create natural and functional play pieces for Australian children, to develop fitness, imagination and encourage exploration.

Our focus is to create playgrounds that make a significant contribution to the development of children, while helping the environment and fostering a love and appreciation for the beauty of our Australian timbers.

Contact us today for a quote for your playground!


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