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Helping the Environment - with Timber!

Climate Change is one of the most important issues of our time. Embodied carbon emissions in the construction sector account for nearly one quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions in Australia. That's huge!

While we tend to think about the building materials we use for our homes and community, we sometimes forget to consider the impact of our play spaces.

Here are just some of the ways that timber helps the environment:
  • It's Energy Efficient

Much of the shaping and preparing of timber play elements is done by hand and small tools; meaning that it doesn’t cost much energy to work with.

  • It helps fight Climate Change

Trees reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and timber reduces the emission of new carbons. The timber products then store the carbon for life!

  • It's Renewable

Timber is fully renewable, and growing more results in a range of benefits, including further carbon storage, oxygen generation and habitats for animals.

Timber is not only a great material in it's own right, but it actually helps repair the damage of other materials!

Timber vs Plastic & Metal

The most common playground materials are metal and plastic, both which require large amounts of fossil fuels to produce. By contrast, when timber is produced (grown), it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and continues to store the carbon in the final product. This means timber actually helps to reverse the damage of other materials!

Reducing Waste

Often trees are removed for new developments such as roads or buildings or because they have become dangerous. These trees can be recycled into playgrounds - eliminating waste and negating the need for the production of new playground building materials! Why waste energy creating new materials when discarded timber needs a home?!

Outlasting & Everchanging

Timber is long lasting, reducing the need for large scale refurbishment. Unlike plastic and metal which can shatter and need urgent replacement, timber splits can be easily repaired and are generally not dangerous for children to keep using before repairs are made. This is because sapwood softens gradually while the structural hardwood remains strong.

Natural Insulation

Timber is a natural insulator and can provide shelter from weather without having to send children inside! It also does not heat up or cool dramatically like other play equipment does, meaning it can be used under a range conditions, creating more usefulness and less waste. Children love playing in timber cubbies for this and many more reasons!

Contact Timber Creations for more information on how you can use recycled and environmentally friendly elements in your play space!


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