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Asquith Park Playground

Mills Ave, Asquith NSW

A nature-based play space that ties in with the existing forest, to encourage children to explore and play with the natural environment.

A more structured play area with a log playground begins near the more standard playground equipment, and blends more and more into the trees, leading you in. Amongst the trees, simple structures act as supports for people to use the natural resources they can find, such as branches,leaves and sticks, to create self-build cubbies.

It has been a huge success, encouraging many people to get involved in natural play, from all age-groups!


  • Natural log adventure play area to climb over, under, and through, balance, jump and explore

  • Self build cubbies - frames for supporting found natural objects, leaves and branches

  • Stepping log trail leading into the natural bush

  • Balancing stilts with natural textured knots and knobs to hold

  • Feature trunk with a natural hidey hole for secret messages or storing found objects

Playground designed by James Frawley, Hornsby Shire Council

Playground equipment and natural elements by Andrew Smith Timber Creations

Storytelling Thrones
Feature Trunk
Self-build Area
Natural Post Box Trunk
Leading steppers
Log playground
Self-Build Area Stilts
Forked Ladder
Forest Steppers
Climbing Log
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