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Natural Textures and Sensory Experience

Childhood, particularly under the age of 12, is the most important time of our lives for developing an environmental identity. This is key for understanding our place in the world and our relationship with nature.

While the best way to foster an environmental identity is through playing outside in nature, experiencing the changes in a natural element that you can develop a relationship with is a unique and exciting experience that contributes to a deep understanding of the natural world.

Our gang of wild explorers have a natural play sculpture made from a condemned Angophora that has been around since they were born. They have climbed over it hundreds of times, but each time is a new discovery, as the timber changes, ages and adapts to the outside environment.

Some of the key nature play benefits of this single piece of play equipment is;

- Diversity in the sensory experience of play through constantly changing textures

- Discovery play through the interaction with living things, such as lizards, bugs, spiders and fungi

- Physical development as they adapt to the different climbing sections as their own bodies grow and change

- Self-assessment of risk as they determine safe use within their skill level, and learn to check for any structural deterioration of smaller parts of the old tree

Plus much more! It is amazing how one tree can provide so much beyond its life, for living, learning and developing!


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