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Assessing Risk

The more time she spends exploring, the more Gracie understands about risk, and learns to make her own decisions about what to do!

She found this log bridge at the Timber Creations yard. "Check if it's wobbly!" she warned us, testing each log with her hands as hard as she could before making the next step. Gracie learned this technique from balancing on the rocks that line the path at Nana and Grandpa's house. After stumbling on a particularly wobbly rock, she started testing with her hands or even a foot (if she had a good hold with the other one!) before committing to the next step. We have seen her apply this rule to several different situations without prompting... a great thing to see in someone barely two years old!

She also discovered some interesting trees with native berries in an enticing light blue. She collected a few to bring to Nana, after reminding everyone; "Don't put them in your mouth!"

... until you get the OK from Grandpa that is!

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