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Specially Designed Nature Play Areas

NSW has some fantastic nature play parks that have been certified to the Australian Standard for Playground Safety AS4685. This means you can relax and let children explore without the worry!
These playgrounds will foster a love of nature and natural materials to last a lifetime!

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Kogarah, NSW

Nature play musings from the experts...

Who better to teach us about play than the children themselves!
Information on why and how you should encourage nature play, advice for using and maintaining organic play equipment, and tips from a true authority on the subject - the 2 year old whizz kid, Gracie the Nature Play Guru!

Investigation and exploration are key skills for lifelong learning. Natural play develops these skills in children in...

Through engaging with natural elements in playground environments, children are connected with nature in a way that f...

Arguments are so often made about what children enjoy the most in play, but all children are different, and one of th...

Safety concerns are often one of the things that deters people from creating natural play spaces and using organic pl...

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More reasons to get out there and enjoy the environment.
Look into why nature play is so important - according to research!

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